Preseason Rank: 6th 

Jimmie Johnson may be the most dominant athlete in all of sports right now. 

Since 2006 he has won five straight NASCAR Sprint Cup championships, has earned 35 victories, 19 of which were won during the Chase.  

He has also earned 71 top fives, 117 top 10’s, and has lead 7,639 laps. 

He shattered Cale Yarbrough’s record three in a row looks to continue to break more records.   

In 2010, he won six races, earned 17 top fives, 23 top 10’s, led 1,302 laps won two poles on his way to a fifth consecutive title. 

He had to come from behind after struggles at Texas; he beat Denny Hamlin by 39 points.  

The combination of Johnson and Chad Knaus could be why this team has been so dominant for so long  

"We recognize we have something really special," Johnson says. "Whether it's egos, opportunities or whatever it may be, we made that agreement to each other. It's not going to get in the way. We're not going to dismantle this team because of that."  

History says the streak will have to end one day and very soon but Johnson isn’t going down without a fight.  

"Last year we learned a lot more about ourselves and kind of validated our core beliefs and stuck to what the 48 team is known for and what we believe in and was still able to overcome a lot of adversity and win a championship," he said.  

He will do well because he is “Jimmie Johnson”.  He may not be the greatest driver ever but he is among them.   

Last season though he wasn’t the fastest car but he showed he can win at any track any time.  

The competition is stepping up.  If not for fuel issues for Hamlin at Phoenix; Johnson would not have won five in a row. 

Even though he led more than 1000 laps in 2010; he led the least amount of laps in a season since 2006. 

Johnson is an amazing driver on a amazing team.  How long his run can go? That is anyone’s guess. 

He will win races in 2011 but the competition is ready to dethrone him. For the first time in a long time there is a great possibility of this happening.