DAYTONA BEACH, Fla. (Aug. 13, 2014) — The No. 4 team that competes in the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series has been penalized due to a rules infraction committed during the Aug. 10 race at Watkins Glen International.


The infraction is a P3 level penalty and is outlined in Section 12-4.3 of the 2014 rule book:


·         A. Violation examples could include but are not limited to:

o    1(c): Unapproved added weight and/or weight affixed improperly (e.g. Unapproved added weight (size and material); unapproved added weight location, but not of a nature rising to a higher numbered penalty.


The infraction violates the following sections in the rule book:


·         12-1: Actions detrimental to stock car racing;

·         20-2.3: Added car weight

o    A. Any weight added to the car must be bolted inside the body shell in an approved weight container and in a position acceptable to NASCAR officials

o    Added weight must be in block form of not less than five pound blocks (no pellets) and painted white with the car number or team identification permanently legible on it.


As a result of this violation, crew chief Rodney Childers has been fined $25,000.