There has been a lot of talk and analyzing of the events that happened on Saturday night between Carl Edwards and Brad Keselowski.

Moments after the wreck happened our Twitter account was inundated with responses to the actions by both Brad Keselowski and Carl Edwards.

I posted a series of questions on Twitter and the comments back were not only honest but from the fans, the same fans NASCAR has made all of these changes within the sport for.

In recent years we saw fans ask NASCAR to let drivers be drivers. Don’t put so many rules on these drivers that force them to be anyone but themselves. When NASCAR told the drivers “Boy’s have at it” the fans cheered NASCAR for listening to the fans.

For some fans this was exactly what they wanted, but for others this was definitely past “boy’s have at it” and not what they wanted or expected.

I posed this question, fans wanted emotion they wanted drivers to not be "vanilla". Isn’t this the type of racing fans have called for?

@SD80MAC said, “Yep, and they should be careful what they ask for. It's not just that Carl took out Brad, it is also the other cars wrecked.”

Many fans echoed that same sentiment what about the other drivers involved.

Leah Cope (@GuardwifeL) said “Let me just say that I'm a fan of hard racing and I DON'T want NASCAR to put a chokehold on the drivers and send us back to bland vanilla racing. But this wasn't hard racing. The victory was stolen and it was ugly. If you don't have the skills or the car to win the race clean, you can't just rip it off and not only dangerously take out your competitor, but have so little regard for the rest of the field!”

Many fans believed that what we saw on Saturday night was not “boy’s have at it” and that there are better ways to make your point.

Johnny Hodges said, “I truly believe in the boys have at it, whether it be duke it out after the race, spin him under caution, or even the Rusty Wallace bump and run…we all want to see good hardcore action racing but not what took place with Carl and Brad.”

NASCAR now has a choice to make, do they punish Edwards or do they continue the precedent of probation?

 I asked has NASCAR backed themselves into a corner with “boy’s have at it?”

@Jess43X8 said “Yes, they have backed themselves into a corner! They'll look like hypocrites if they punished him.”

They told the drivers to show emotions. They didn’t want the drivers to be afraid of penalties if they were aggressive or beating and banging off each other. NASCAR did not say how far was too far and now in this situation NASCAR needs to either let it continue without consequence or make the line very clear.

@Misskitty_rfr said “They put themselves in that spot at the start of the year with the gloves are off policy; they knew what the drivers will do

NASCAR did what the fans wanted in this current policy, but what they couldn’t control is what the drivers would do.

 “More like certain drivers have backed NASCAR into a corner with have at it” said @Princess_sara9.

The problem NASCAR faces is if they punish Edwards for his actions then you have set a precedent. Also, NASCAR promised fans there would be less policing by the sanctioning body. Should NASCAR rethink the current policy? When is enough, enough?

Guy Mills, Jr. (@ernie282849) was adamant that NASCAR needs to do something and they cannot just let this continue on.

“They need to send a strong message not money or points, can't race in any NASCAR race for 1 week.”

Suspension for some was to the extreme and felt NASCAR shouldn’t make more rules. NASCAR goal was to stop policing and that by creating additional rules they are going against the current policy.

No matter what NASCAR decides this week on whether or not Edwards should or should not be penalized, the fans will get the last word.