The last couple seasons in NASCAR we have saw many changes come about. From crew chief changes to car changes, NASCAR has been changing. Some drivers have suddenly begun to change themselves. For one driver in particular, it is not really a change but a flashback of sorts to about 15 years ago.

When Jeff Gordon first came into what was then the Winston Cup series, Gordon was a fiery, wide eyed driver who wasn’t afraid to beat and bang against the best of them.

 As Gordon has gotten older, some have complained that Gordon has lost that edge, that fire that led him to 82 career wins.

Well what is old is new again especially, for Gordon and his crew. This season we have saw a more aggressive and even hungrier driver in Gordon. Gordon’s fans are getting used to his aggressive style and like what they see.

Monday was no different battling teammate Jimmie Johnson for second place, Gordon and Johnson made contact. The contact forced both to make comments over the radio about each other.

 Gordon said, “Four time is a little upset, he wants top be treated a little bit differently than everyone else.”

This is the type of radio conversation between Gordon and crew chief, Steve LeTarte we have not heard in the past. Both have been adamant that as a team, they are tired of settling for 10th place finishes and settling for runner up in the championship.

Gordon and all the competitors are well aware that if they are going to win the title in 2010, they will have to beat Johnson.

We saw something on Monday that other drivers don’t seem to do enough; Gordon standing up to Johnson on the race track. Even though both diffused the situation after the race, there was a bit of bite in Gordon.

The fans are excited about this “new” Gordon and from the responses on social networking tools like Twitter and Facebook, they are glad to see a little fight in their driver.

Gordon made it clear they have something not only for their competitors but for Johnson. It’s the type of confidence we have not seen in Gordon in a long time.

“When you have a car like that, you don’t (do that to) teammates and friends out there and race hard. That is what Jimmie has had. And I am just excited that we have something to race with all of these guys out there right now.”

It is clear what is old is new again and Gordon is ready to revert back to the old days of winning races and championships.