Sunday was the first time I missed watching race on TV other than being at the track myself.  I have to admit it was strange for me not to have my Sunday planned around NASCAR but it was for a good cause.

I volunteer on the Livestock Committee of the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo. Now normally, I will not request a Sunday shift so I don’t miss a race but today was the Longhorn Show and  that is one of my must work shows. So how my NASCAR did obsessed self survive the day; Twitter of course.

Since Brad Keselowski’s infamous red flag tweets have made Twitter and NASCAR a “trending” topic, is there a better time to get a glimpse of how this NASCAR loving writer kept up with the race without sitting in front of the TV or listening to the radio.

My day started at 5:00 am. While most of you were still having dreams of Dale Jr. dancing in your heads, I get my first chance to check twitter around 6:30 to see not much is going on, yet.  The next time I get a chance to check I see Marty Smith of ESPN picks Denny Hamlin to win the race.  A little while later, I see the Race Day on Speed poll about should Chad Knaus be suspended? I didn’t have time to answer that one. 

As my day went on, I was not able to check twitter as often as I wanted but I knew it was green flag time. Hey, it’s hard to carry a phone and try to get people out of the way of a cow with huge horns at the same time. Twitter allowed me to know when there were cautions and who caused them. I saw who was leading laps and which drivers were struggling.

And while I was not in front of my TV for every lap, I read who won the race off pit road, which crew chief called for two tires and who called for four.  I also know that crew chiefs were imploring drivers to save fuel. 

I knew Tony Stewart had a problem with is fuel and the EFI system, causing him to see a possible strong finish go by the wayside. I read that Kevin Harvick was trying to catch race leader Denny Hamlin, but he ran out of fuel. Before my favorite Longhorn, BEVO the University of Texas mascot, won the Grand Champion Longhorn banner; I knew Denny Hamlin was the winner at Phoenix.

After the race, I had quotes from the winners, losers and everyone in between on my timeline. Oh and I even had a picture from victory lane.

What I didn’t have was the agony of waiting until I got home to know who won the race.

Oh and no driver tweeted from the backstretch. That’s a good thing since there was no red flag.

So the next time you find yourself away from the traditional media on race day, tune in to your timeline.

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 As well as your favorite drivers, crew chiefs and media members.

You will feel like you sat in front of your TV for the race without having to listen to another NAPA know how commercial.