Bristol Cool Down Laps


We just finished the fourth race of the season and man has it been great. Four different winners, four drivers all but qualified for the Chase and great action on the track has me feeling all warm and fuzzy today.  And no, I’m not on any pain meds, thank you very much. I am recovering very nicely.  And with that update on my health, let’s get to what causing my race buzz.


  1. Roush Fenway Racing.   Well talk about a surprise, at least to me because I was all prepared to write about the struggles this team was experiencing that dated back to last year. But when the rain went away and the track dried up, two of the Roushkateers went to the front. I was shocked because I hadn’t seen that capability from them to this point. And the fact that it was Ricky Stenhouse Jr up there with Carl Edwards really had me stunned because so far in his sophomore season he has been a middle of the pack driver. So cheers to the RFR one two punch this week. But I’m keeping my eyes out to see if this is truly resurgence or a fluke.



  1. Kyle Larson. Back in my first The Cool Down Laps I wrote about the harsh debut of the rookies especially Austin Dillon and Kyle Larson. So now I have to give credit where it’s due. Kyle Larson drove his butt off. I had my doubts that this youngster could live up to the hype that preceded him and one race does not a contender make but make no mistake Larson can drive and compete with the best of them.  His tenth place finish was not indicative of the fact that he was near the front for the better part of the race at Bristol where there was plenty of beating and banging going on. And that my friends makes me buy in to the hype a little more.


  1. Television Coverage. If you haven’t figured out yet, I watch all of the races from the comfort of my apartment.  I do occasionally attend the April Texas race.  I love that the sport I love is on my television so much but that doesn’t mean it’s perfect. Far from it. But there are two things in particular that get on my nerves especially at short tracks.

Commercials.I know there are side by side at the beginning and end of the races but to me that’s not enough.In this day and age of technology why we can’t have side by side or no commercials is beyond me. If soccer can do it why not NASCAR?

Camera angles.Specifically tight camera shots on one car when there is action all around the track. There is a time and a place to focus on one car but that is few and far between, like when a wreck happens or the field is spread out. But at a short track the field will hardly ever be spread out. So pan the camera out, use the blimp shot and show us more of the exciting action that we know is happening all over the race track, not just what the producers think we fans want to see.

Stop back by here next week and see what happens in Fontana that will spark my curiosity.

Happy racing y’all.