It seems that I am a little late this week.  I guess that happens when you don’t watch the race and twitter fails you at the moment you need it.  It has taken me this long to decide what to include in this week’s column.

But first I must send my condolences to Petty Enterprises and the entire Petty Family on passing of Mrs. Petty. 


Now on to the laps:

Martin Truex Jr. If he did not have bad luck, he would not have any luck at all. It started last year at Richmond and has followed him to his new team this year.  My heart goes out to him. We all know he can drive a car and he’s driving his heart out. I, for one, hope his luck changes and soon. Martinsville is the place to start.


Kevin Harvick.  Here’s another one who seems to be on a run of bad luck. Three bad finishes because of mechanical and or tire issues has to be frustrating. Especially when you take into account that he’s had the speed to win or be a contender.  Fortunately he’s won a race this year so he’s a virtual lock for the chase. Let’s hope these issues don’t keep happening.


Tire Issues. Even through my twitter issues Sunday I could tell there was something going on with the tires. From Harvick’s blown tire early in the race to Jimmie Johnson’s late in the race, there was an epidemic of ruined rubber and race cars. So who to blame? Goodyear? The teams? Both? Nobody? Look, I’m certainly no expert here but I don’t think Goodyear ever wants a repeat of the Indy tire debacle.

So here’s what I think. These race cars are so close together in speed and set ups that crewchiefs and drivers are looking for any and every advantage they can find especially to find more speed. And one way to achieve that is the tires whether it be tire pressures or camber. So they find something that gives them the edge they are looking for but that something ultimately pushes them over the edge. So tires get blown and race cars get torn up. And tires wear out. These things may be a crew chief and driver nightmare but they make for some damn good racing.


Next week see what I find from the track known as “The Paperclip”.