Well hello again my racing family. After a week off due to family obligations, I am back. It’s time for me to divulge what’s on my mind from the racing at Kansas on Saturday night.

     Tradition. I honestly struggled with finding three things for my list this week when it hit me. I missed the mothers. I know Clint Bowyer’s mother waved the green flag. I know we weren’t at Darlington but darn it, the divers’ mothers should have given the command. I’m not usually a stickler for tradition but this is one I feel should be kept always and forever. These mothers deserve to be recognized on their weekend for all they have done for their children in the sport we love.

       Kasey Kahne. It was just a few or so weeks ago that I wrote about the struggling Kahne so I feel I have to give props when they are due. It was nice to see one of the nice guys run where he should be all of the time which is near the front or at least the top 10. I hope this performance signifies a true turn around in his team’s performance. Otherwise I’m afraid that the Kahne/Francis duo will no longer be.


         Danica Patrick. Mirroring my sentiments from above, I have to also give credit to Danica. She qualified well and ran well all night. And I for one was shocked. Even when she has qualified well she has not been able to back it up. And like Kahne I hope this signifies the start of something good for her and the team. It would be awesome to see her do this week in and week out and eventually contend for wins and maybe one day a championship.


That’s all for now. Come back next week to see what I have to say about the all star race.

Happy racing y’all.