Well three races into the season and I’m still optimistic about this season. And no, it doesn’t have everything to do with a certain driver bring in first place.  But mostly to do with the racing that we’ve seen so far. But that doesn’t mean that everything is perfect.

Oh and a disclaimer from me. I had surgery Friday so, while I had all the on track activities on my TV this weekend chances are I missed something.  So here are my week three observations.


Knock Out Qualifying. I have to admit that I have never watched or experienced this type of qualifying so I had no idea what to expect. And while I love the concept I also find it confusing. For example, how many laps must a driver attempt and how many can they attempt during the first round of qualifying. What I don’t care for is that the cars driving around slowly are getting in the way of the ones who are posting a lap. That is just an accident waiting to happen. Other than that NASCAR has taken the most boring event of the weekend and added some much needed spice to it.


The racing at 1.5 mile tracks.  While I admit that I was dozing off and on for the entire race, I still find something lacking. When so few cars are on the lead lap and drivers complain that they can’t pass. Even the second place driver said that he wouldn’t have been in that position if his crew chief hadn’t taken a huge gamble on fuel. So while I know that some of the racing towards the middle and back of the pack was good, there is much room for improvement.




Stewart Haas Racing. Raise your hand if you had 3 of their 4 teams struggling? I know I didn’t, especially Tony Stewart. I know it’s only three races into the season but if they don’t get it turned around soon, this will be a lost season. For me, there are several factors that are contributing. I think they jumped to a four car team too fast. While they were prepared to add that third car, what seemed to be the sudden addition of the fourth may have found them ill prepared. Also, Stewart’s recovery from his leg injury has to be a factor for him as well. Add those to the rookie crew chiefs that two of the four drivers had and that equals a rocky start. Let’s hope they can turn it around soon.


Check back next week to see what's on my mind about Bristol and short track racing.