In this little column of mine I try to find things about the most recent race that pique my interest. It probably will not be what every other writer or blog is talking about and that’s okay with me. Being different is a great thing.  I watch and listen to the same race you guys do but I try to look for things that don’t focus on the so called big stories.


With that being said, let’s get to this week’s edition of the Cool Down Laps and what I liked about this race.

Kasey Kahne. Has any driver had a more up and down race let alone up and down season than Kahne? I think not. Look I like Kasey, a lot. I picked him to win it all last year and it didn’t happen. He has been so streaky lately that’s it’s either feast or famine with him. We all know he can wheel a race car. He wins races and the fans love him. So what do he and crew chief Kenny Francis need to do in order to recapture that winning magic?  Whatever it is, they need to find it soon or come Chase time he will be on the sidelines.

Six races, six different winners. This is a record in the Chase era and I like it. Is it because of the new Chase format or the new rules package or both? My guess us it’s a combination of the two. But whatever it is, the fans are reaping the benefits of the ramped up competition. Next up is Texas where we could see yet another winner.

Short track racing. Don’t get me wrong I love the sound of a car going by me at 200 mph and the racing that comes with speedways. However, the best bang for your buck and viewing pleasure is a short track. Take yesterday’s antics from Brad Keselowski. His beating and banging with Kurt Busch after a pit road dust up wouldn’t have happened if at speedway.  And the battle for the win was one for the ages but I don’t think we see that on any other type of track. I really want to go to a race at Martinsville or Bristol because I know it would far exceed any expectations I have.


And there it is. Congrats to Kurt Busch on his win. Come back next week where I’ll have a trackside edition as I’m off to the races. Happy racing y’all.