Here are the three things that intrigued me about the race.


Fuel mileage races

We got to hear what some say are the most dreaded words in NASCAR. "Save fuel." I, however, find those words fascinating because then the race becomes an ultimate game of strategy. I start thinking which driver is saving the most fuel? What crew chief had the right calculation about how short they are on laps? How many caution laps will we have to help them save fuel? If a late race caution does come out, which drivers will come down pit road for a splash of gas? On the last lap will the leader have enough to cross the finish line?  All of these questions and scenarios have me sitting on the edge of my seat to see how it plays out.

There is nothing wrong with a gamble especially when winning a race puts you in the Chase.  Sunday at PIR we saw teams gamble and it paid off for many. Sometimes playing a little fuel mileage makes the race all the more interesting.

Danica Patrick

 Her NASCAR career has been a under whelming. I’ve always thought she was rushed to the Sprint Cup too soon. I contended she needed more time in the Nationwide series. But she’s here to stay for the foreseeable future. She needs to show some vast improvement in 2014. She wrecked twice on Sunday. Whether they were her fault or not means very little. All means is its another torn up race car and another  poor finish for her.Sitting 41st in the 2014 standings means this weekends race at Las Vegas is critical or Patrick could start missing races. I hope that she can turn it around or we may refer to her as the next Juan Pablo Montoya.



Dale Earnhardt, Jr.

I refrained from putting him in The Cool Down Laps last week because one race at Daytona is not indicative of one "being back" However, his performance today added to his demeanor during his media tour has me believing in this driver again. His swagger is back and his belief in himself is definitely back. He and crew chief Steve LeTarte are firing on all cylinders together and this season has the ability to become magical. The only downfall? LeTarte is leaving next season and he has been integral in the resurgence of NASCAR’s most popular driver.

Still, with his win at DIS and nothing to lose, Earnhardt and LeTarte could end their run together as champions.


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